Should I regret

I face some rather odd challenge in my current job (this is my second job). Most of the challenge really didn’t come from the job itself, but more likely the people I work with. Sometime I even ask myself should I regret choosing this career. Questioning myself if my whole life is a lie.

That’s jQuery (?)

Once awhile, one of my colleague came to me and ask something about some project I am working on. He saw this:


in a jsp file. He said: “Oh, jQuery, I didn’t use that”.

He is not a fresh grad, he had 3 years of web development experience, not like he don’t know jsp, java is exactly what he work with before. I am lucky because I don’t have to explain to him what is expression language.

I’m not familiar with javascript

Few months back, I was struggling with the workload. My superior decided to distribute my work to some “experience” staff. So, I went ahead to explain what my project is all about. At first it feel like a normal briefing and he show some weird look when I show him the javascript part (well 90% of it). When my superior went and ask about how was the task been assigned to him. “I don’t even know what he talking about, it’s all javascript, I don’t even know how to help in this project.”. That came out from a < 5 years experience senior.

Let’s pretend I know what he is talking about

Still, I wish I don’t have to do this, but the project is experiencing scope creep (thanks to some “yes man” during requirement gathering). My project have to be split apart (yet again) to some other staff to achieve the timeline (at least management think it work that way).

Same old story, I had to explain what I done so far and what left to be done. I told my partner about some technical detail which make use of some feature in java EE 6. His response was like understand nothing yet keep nodding. May be it is a bad idea using java ee platform beyond web profile.


I am not writing this post to show off how capable I am or how incompetent my colleague was. I am just stating some fact. Experience staff is doesn’t mean they are competent. Or, they don’t really wish to learn or re-learn some practice.

I saw them keep on writing scriptlet in JSP. Abusive usage of collection utility instead of writing POJO. Writing Stateful utility and more. They even write entire transaction logic in a controller class (Servlet).